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Gemstone Healing Properties

Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used spiritual, emotional and physical healing for several thousands years. When worn as jewellery or even just placed close by, the stone will pass their energy to your body; the energy can help to heal various mental, emotional, and physical conditions. Different gemstone has different healing property, here is the healing properties of some popular gemstones:


Agates are very powerful healing stones, which improve natural vitality and energy and to increase the self-confidence of the person using it; they are also able to balance the emotions and calm the body, mind and feelings.

Stone of health and good fortune


Stone of truth-teller and harmony. Helps communicating true thoughts and feelings. Gives power in manifesting dreams and desires.


The Amethyst clears, purifies spirits, so it has been used for helping with any addictions or stress or tension. Physically, it protects against blood disease, toxic effects of substance use, acne, neuralgia and fits.

Stone of spirituality and contentment.


Green Aventurine - stone of good luck and optimism. Helps one move forward with confidence into new situations. Ideal for those who want to manifest greater prosperity.

Red Aventurine - stone of creativity, determination, sexuality and strength. Helps in building strength, confidence and capabilities.

Beryl / Morganite

Can help with Emotional and spiritual qualities and can help with energizing the heart and emotional self healing, bringing love, peace, joy and inner strength while healing fear, resentment and anger.


Helps with help with mental clarity and with the organising of thoughts and helping with the processing of information to give more structure to life. In meditation it helps to soothe and relax. Physically it is said to help with treating eye and voice problems as well as mobility issues and for improving the health of bodily tissues, cells and bone marrow.


These useful for all types of blood related issues and as they are said to fortify the blood and can help to overcome weaknesses such as anaemia. They are also used to stabilise female hormonal in balances and help with stimulating the liver. Emotionally they in still courage, strength, self-sufficiency and capability.


Are thought to be good for repelling negative energies and for channelling positivity, dispelling depression. In meditation they can bring calmness and peace. Physically they can help fight off infections and as they increase the assimilation of iron they can help with anaemia and with purifying the blood.


Among the most varied and abundant crystals and each type has its own properties. Emotionally, generally they gently cleanse, refresh and revitalize while opening blockages and stimulating energy.


Help to cleanse the body’s energy field (auric field) thereby stimulating the energy system and activating metabolism. They can also help with clearing infections e.g. eye. It is thought that they may also act as environmental cleansers.


Carnelian dispels depression, doubt, negative thoughts, provides motivation, gives energy to turn ideas into form, helps you feel anchored and comfortable, allows you to take control of your life and make decisions and protects you against evil. Physically, it is good for kidney, lung and liver.


These stones are thought to enhance intuition and creativity, absorb negative energies and reduce mental stresses and anxieties. They promote calmness and tranquility. Physically they can help to heal eye, throat, nose or ear problems as well as skin infections and also has having anti-inflammatory properties.


Help to strengthen the body and energy fields as well as having emotional healing properties. They help to remove negativity and give clarity of mind. They are believed to be soothing to the nerves, can help in easing aches and pains, relieve the symptoms of arthritis, regulate blood pressure and help with detoxifying the body.

Chrome Diopside

Are thought to be excellent for general healing both physically and mentally. They are soothing to the emotions and are good for relaxation, calming and stress relief. They are thought to stimulate intellectual facilities. Physically they enhance recovery from surgery, trauma or severe illness e.g. heart or lung illnesses.


Known as the ‘teaching stone’ these beads are said to help enhance verbal communication and expression. They can also assist in the release of stress, fear and anxiety helping to bring out creativity. Physically they can help with sore throats and laryngitis.


Enhances wisdom and inner-peace, as well as being able to bring the wearer in joy and happiness. Physically, it is good for heart, kidney and liver.


Generically these beads are thought to absorb negative energy, quiet the emotions and bring inner peace. They facilitate intuition and imagination. They strengthen bones, help prevent osteoporosis, stimulate tissue regeneration and help with blood or circulatory disorders.


Are healing stones for physical toxicity, detoxifying the liver and supporting self healing. They can help overcome harmful behaviours and help the body detox. They also regulate metabolism and appetite and can assist with natural weight loss. Emotionally they soothe the nervous system, achieving calmness and balance thereby reducing stress and negative emotions.


Enhances all mental abilities such as language and mathematical as well as emotional intelligence. They are said to assist with general mental balance and to help with concentration and focus to move forward.


Are considered to be lunar stones that inspire and encourage the development of clairvoyance. Emotionally they are thought to help with self awareness and self esteem and in physical healing they are said to aid with skin or muscular structure disorders.


Very powerful healer; absorbs and alters negative and bad energies, good for mind, concentration and meditation. Strengthens bones and teeth.


Are stones of rejuvenation and renewal helping to achieve emotional, mental and spiritual balance. They also bring energies of creativity, intuition and inspiration. Physically they can help with muscular pains, can soothe inflammation, can help remove toxic substances, regulate metabolism and are beneficial to throat and larynx problems.


Highly protective stone, protects you against evil and negative energies, especially after dark. It also improves imagination and attracts love. Useful in enhancing body strength and endurance


Promotes balance, focus, convergence and concentration of energy, improves memory. helps with blood disorders, nervous disorders & insomnia.

Stone of mental mastery


Are said to have soothing energies that help alleviate stress, tension and help calm temper. They can be used in meditation bringing deep peace and serenity. Physically they balance the calcium levels in the body and help with teeth, bones, rheumatism and arthritis. They are also said to help with insomnia due to their calming energy.


The most important purpose for using these stones is to help with meditation. This is said to reduce stress and anxiety and to help rejuvenate energy levels. Their energies work on mental and emotional capacities and can help with depression. They can assist with blood related illnesses, problems in the stomach area, pituitary gland, and help reduce strains in the limbs, shoulders and achilles.


Are known as the gemstones of clear vision. They activate the creative, visionary side of the mind and can stimulate the memory. They are used by astrologers, mediums and tarot readers. It is said that they are excellent for supporting the healing of eye problems.


Popular stone for love, health, wealth and long life; one of the most powerful gemstone in Chinese Feng Shui for courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, and harmony. In China, people wear it for whole life for good fortune, friendship and loyalty.


There are a number of different types of Jasper, each with its own properties.


Are believed to be a protection from negative influences or energies and are stones of purification and cleansing. Physically they aid in the cleansing of the kidneys and the liver.


Are emotionally those of love, joy, kindness and healing and are thought to be one of the best stones for giving as gifts. They are said to ease stress and support the healing of physical obstructions or blockages.


Thought to inspire calmness, composure, serenity and respect and are used by healers for meditation and relaxation. They can also be used to assist in negotiations, diplomacy and arbitration. Physically they can help with healing traumas, eg head trauma, strokes and seizures.


Said to be the gemstones of magic in terms of facilitating mental and intuitive abilities and enhancing psychic abilities.

Lapis Luzuli

Stones ‘of the student’ help with stimulating knowledge, can help with more effective learning and for enhancing memory and reflection.


Are said to be excellent for students as they are thought to enhance memory capacity, learning and understanding. They are also believed to enhance vitality and youthfullness. Physically they can calm the nerves, reduce blood pressure, aid in the recovery of strokes, used to treat skin disorders and cleanse body tissue.


Are thought to help counter stress, worry and fear as they are very relaxing and serene stones and help calm the mind. They can be used with children who have hyperactive or attention deficit disorders and it is said that they help prevent nightmares and sleep disorders.


Have a number of physical properties including help with digestion and stomach functions, reducing inflammation from injuries and diseases, restoring strength after illness, repairing tissue after surgery, help with arthritis pain and with detoxing the body. Emotionally they are stones of healing and help with confidence building and for moving forward with more clarity.


Helps with elf-esteem, ear and depression. Helps you to be more social, encouraging new perception and communication skills. The energy in these stones are said to help slow ageing by changing the thought process regarding getting older. They can also give support in decision making. Physically they are believed to assist with the healing of wounds, with the purification of the blood and fortifying the immune system.

Mother of Pearl / Shell

These beads are believed to encourage relaxation and calmness, to ease stress and tension. Their energy is of love, generosity and tolerance and can be used to improve relationships and increase self esteem.


Promotes long life and happiness and is said to attract friendship and loyalty towards the wearer. Also balances energy, gives inspiration, encourages personal attachments. Helps obtain humanitarian love, romance and sensitivity. They connect with the energy and power of the moon and can help stabilize female cycles and male hormonal patterns. They are also said to aid with problems of water retention


Are stones of mental stimulation and inspiration and are excellent for students, teachers etc. They are said to increase confidence thereby reducing mental and psychological stress. They can also help with maintaining emotional integrity. Physically they can help with sleep in-balances, headaches, migraines and for balancing the brain.

Natural Larimar

These beads are said to cool tempers, calm fear and relieve stress due to their cooling, soothing and relaxation properties. They are also useful for helping with panic attacks and phobias. Their physical properties include helping with high blood pressure, colds, flu and fever, infections and inflammations. For mothers during and after pregnancy they can alleviate post-natal depression and stress.


Also known as black agate, are able to stimulate the power of wise decision making, improve concentration and devotion and to encourage happiness and good fortune


These beads cover a broad spectrum of colours and types each having their own properties.


Have various sheens, markings and colour variations each having their own properties.


Are said to have physical properties, helping with heart related illnesses, countering anemia and poor oxy-generation, helping to strengthen the blood and helping with addiction recovery.


Are believed to enhance clarity of thought and increase intuitive capabilities, activating mind and imagination in order to make progress. They are helpful in stimulating the brain and nerves as well as strengthening and energizing the body.


Are said to promote inner peace, to calm anger and to help with restlessness and worry. Physically they support healing and balance with circulation and lymph problems, clearing toxins from the body and helping with glandular or Urinary Tract Infections.


Are thought to increase vitality and stamina and to enhance willpower and confidence. They also enhance creativity, increase mental clarity and focus and help overcome fear and anxiety to establish positive attitudes to tasks. They are said to help with male impotence and infertility, with combating infections, skin problems and stimulating hormonal functions.


Clear Quartz - Also know as Rock Crystal, "Stone of Power", it can harmonize and align human energies, thoughts, consciousness, emotions, help to stimulates brain function and power

Rose Quartz and Cherry Quartz - It emits a calming, cooling energy, and is excellent for balancing Love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love and healing some emotional problems like loss, stress, hurt, fear, low confidence, resentment, anger.

Smoky Quartz - helps to aid emotional blockages like fear, anxiety, depression etc. and dispel negative energies


These beads aid in healing past emotional wounds/traumas, soothing the heart and soul and bringing love and joy to life. They are excellent anti-stress stones and physically they are helpful for nervous system imbalances, protecting the nerves and as aids during stimulant withdrawal.


Have emotional properties of love, altruism and generosity, developing talents through learning and development for the benefit of others. Physically they can assist with purifying the body by strengthening the organs and glands and are thought to be good for getting rid of kidney or gall stones and well as a support for healing damaged livers, detoxing and weight loss.


Are said to be great rejuvenators of both emotional and physical energies. They can increase self esteem, aid communication and strengthen relationships. They are thought to be anti ageing stones and useful for general healing, cleansing the liver and inducing sleep.


These stones have properties of encouragement and courage, helping to control anxiety or stress and inspiring protectiveness towards others. Physically they are said to help with metabolism regulation, overcoming sexual dysfunction, dizziness and for supporting addiction recovery.

Ruby Zoisite

Are thought to be able to transform negative energies into positive ones and to energize the entire field of one’s body bringing passion and a zest for life. Physically they are said to assist heart disorders and increase physical vitality e.g. sexual activity.


There are a number of colours of sapphire, each having their own properties.

Russian Serpentine

Are believed to be emotionally soothing and help with healing work e.g. cellular regeneration and also with replenishing energy. They can be helpful when practising meditation and for clearing blocked energies.


Have properties of physical healing by clearing blockages within energy fields. Healers use these beads for cleansing and purification, which open and activate energy centres within the body.


Are said to be good for cellular regeneration, for regulating the growth of cancerous cells, for strengthening the blood and for healing disease.


Are sometimes called the 'wisdom gemstone' as they are thought to foster knowledge, creativity, intuition, learning proficiency, communication and wisdom. They are said to help with stress and anxiety reduction. Physically they can be used to help with water retention and with blood pressure.


These beads come in a variety of colours but generally they help with reducing fatigue, with bringing energy and positive thinking. They help with calming down stress, soothing the nervous system. Physically they assist the body to recover from illness and aid the elimination of toxins.


Emanate a wide spectrum of energies including good fortune, self motivation, benevolence to others and the stimulation of creative, emotional and sexual energies. Physically they are aids to increasing metabolism, help with reproductive problems and for balancing hormones.

Tigers eye

It is especially good for clear thinking and helps one to see a problem objectively when confused or emotionally affected. It releases tension and develops will-power. Protects from witchcraft and evil. It also has been used to stimulate wealth and to enhance the stability required to maintain wealth.


Are one of the worlds most diverse gemstones having a enormous variety of different colours, forms and energies. Generally they create an electrical charge when heated or rubbed, one end being negative and the other positive, becoming a magnet attracting lightweight materials.


are said to be the most white substance in the world. They can enhance the body’s magnetic field as well as having protecting and calming properties, helping to stabilize mood, reducing worry and soothing nerves. They are also believed to have anti-aging properties.


Good for peace of mind, emotional balance, communication, friendship, and loyalty. Also protects property from accidents. Can strengthen entire anatomy and body, helps improve all diseases


Are said to help unify emotional, spiritual and mental energies. They are used by healers to aid emotional balance, getting to the root causes of emotional issues and to help people to gain a more well- rounded existence.

Birthstone List

  • CAPRICORN (21 Dec - 19 Jan): Snowflake Obsidian, Rose quartz, Ruby, Black Onyx, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Botswana Agate, Azurite (Traditional: Garnet)
  • AQUARIUS (20 Jan - 18 Feb): Agate, Onyx, Turquoise, Malachite, Labradorite, Fluorite, Chrysoprase, Iolite, Aquamarine and Moonstone. (Traditional: Amethyst)
  • PISCES (19 Feb - 20 Mar): Amethyst, Jade, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Opal, Bloodstone, Fluorite, Unakite, Blue Lace Agate, Calcite, Chrysoprase, Howlite (Traditional: Bloodstone)
  • ARIES (21 Mar - 20 Apr): Bloodstone, Garnet, clear Quartz, Ruby, Jasper, Red Carnelian (Traditional: Diamond)
  • TAURUS (21 Apr - 20 May) : Rose quartz, Chrysoprase, Sapphire,Lapis lazuli, Topaz, Rhodonite, Azurite, Mookite, Rhyolite (Traditional: Emerald)
  • GEMINI (21 May - 20 Jun) : Pearl, Black Onyx, Citrine, Tigers eye, Moonstone, Rock crystal. (Traditional: Agate)
  • CANCER (21 Jun - 20 Jul) : Aventurine, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Moss Agate, Lavender Jade (Traditional: Ruby, pearl)
  • LEO (21 Jul - 21 Aug) : Sunstone, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Fire Agate, Citrine, Garnet, Amber, Red Obsidian, Peridot, Quartz crystal (Traditional: Sardonyx)
  • VIRGO (22 Aug -22 Sep) :Carnelian, Jasper, Sapphire, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Sodalite, White Jade, Amazonite, (Traditional: Zircon)
  • LIBRA (23 Sep - 22 Oct) : Green Adventurine, Citrine, Tourmaline, Opal, Jade, Rhodonite, Emerald. (Traditional: Sapphire)
  • SCORPIO (23 Oct - 22 Nov) : Rhodonite,Topaz, Carnelian, Garnet, Ruby, Jasper, Malachite, Green Turquoise, Red Tigers Eye, Obsidian, Bloodstone. (Traditional: Citrine)
  • SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov - 20 Dec) : Sodalite, Turquoise, Zircon, Topaz and Snowflake Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Blue Lace Agate (Traditional: Lapis Lazuli)

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