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Semi-precious Gemstone Beads

Semi-precious Gemstone Beads

We stock a wide variety of premium quality, genuine semi precious gemstone beads in our UK collection, that are perfect for craft and decoration projects. Every gemstone bead you buy online from us is classified as Grade A or above (excluding some manmade gemstones like goldstone, opalite etc) to give you the quality of colour, clarity, cut and carat.

We source from around the world to find the very finest stones. From the popular Amethyst and other birthstones to lesser known semi opaque Citrine pebbles and unique Jasper beads, our carefully selected, exclusive range is full of intriguing patterns, vibrant colours and striking shapes that add unique character and allure to every project.

A guide to semi-precious gemstone beads

While our most popular semi-precious gemstone beads are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet and Apatite, we stock a huge range of different stones in different natural colours – as well as unique markings – to give you unrivalled choice when it comes to your (or your customers’) craft and DIY projects. Visit our trade site for semi precious gemstones wholesale prices

What are 'semi precious' gemstones?

A semi precious gemstone bead is classed as semi precious if it is in short supply, but not so rare as to be deemed ‘precious’. Diamonds, rubies, sapphire and emerald are traditionally seen as precious stones as they are the natural stones that are hardest to come by, while Agate, Lava Stone, Jade, Quartz and Unakite aren’t quite as scarce and are therefore classed as semi precious gemstones.

The ‘preciousness’ of stone beads can also change over time. As an example, Amethyst used to be very expensive precious stone – just like diamond, ruby sapphire and emerald – but became semi-precious when it was found in Brazil and therefore became less ‘rare’. The beauty of semi precious stones is their beauty – with colours, carats, just as impressive as their precious cousins, but more affordable and easier to get hold of.

Read our guide on different types of gemstone.

Why buy semi precious gemstone beads online from us?

When you buy online at Oriental Direct Craft Supplies, you have our word that quality comes first. All our semi precious gemstone beads are handpicked by our experts to give you the finest choice of natural stones for jewellery or costume design, art projects and ornamental decoration. Whether creating necklaces, earrings, sculptures, miniatures or outfits and accessories, you’ll find the best beads in the UK right here at Oriental Direct Craft Supplies.

While other semi precious gemstone suppliers in the UK might not remove scuffed or poor quality beads during their QA process, we pay close attention to every single bead we source – only accepting the most eye-catching high quality gemstone beads into our sale stock. We also offer up to 60% off for anyone eligible for our trade account, so if semi precious gemstones are a vital part of your craft or art materials business, you can find the best prices as well as the best beads with us.