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Origami paper projects - a way to meditate during lockdown

If you have ever thought about Origami and decided it wasn’t for you then think again!

With our range of Origami papers in all colours and sizes you can learn to create the most spectacular things. If my 14 year son can learn from online tutorials then anyone can. :-)

If you have ever made a paper aeroplane or a boat, then you are already halfway there to creating an even bigger project. As Sales Manager for Oriental Direct Craft Supplies I get some weird and wacky questions about paper so having someone to show me what can be done will allow me to pass this bit of wisdom to all of our customers asking those questions. These are some of the little projects my son, Benjamin, has done to show you all, which I am really impressed with for a teenage boy to do all these delicate projects and use them as a way to meditate during lockdown.

Small flower

Small keepsake box with Bubble gum

Ninja Star

I have now got some of those Origami Flowers stuck in between my plants and bowls in my bathroom now and I will be honest and say they look fantastic and have only just found out that my son had stuck a flower in between my cactus plant over a month ago and it was only spotted at New year. I felt a bit stupid :-) but he was just so sweet.

Please give it a go and see what you can do. Youtube videos and tutorials are widely available and free to watch and you can also buy books with ideas. We had a customer who bought a 6cm x 6cm set to be sent as a gift to someone with a message to say 'please fold Origami paper cranes to fill up a gin bottle'. I am sure that the bottle will look even prettier once it is filled up with the colourful hand folded Origami paper cranes and again what a fantastic project to meditate during the current hard time. Each fold is a focus on the current mindful moment. 

Hope you enjoy origami paper projects!

Our Origami paper can be seen using the link below –

Lots of love from Oriental Direct Craft Supplies team

12th Jan 2021 Nicola Henson

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